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Beyond The School
Activities Offered Outside the Class Room during the Week and Weekends. In order to ensure the development of the total personality of the student, the school provides ample opportunities to develop the physical and mental ability of the students and engage them in a wide variety of extracurricular activities organized around the world of sports.

1Marathi Essay CompetitionMarathi SahityaSamelan1st Place(2)
2Adolescents Week Essay CompetitionMRMC CollegeConsolation Prize
3Elocution [Plastic Recycle and Management]Dist. Science Center2st Place
4Team ChampionshipDist. Science CenterSelected for Qtr Final
5Essay Competition on Environment Day Dist. Science Center1st Place & 2st Place
6Prajawani Group QuizDist. Science CenterParticipatory Certificate
7Taluka Level Math & Science ExhibitionDist. Science Center
Science Exhibition
Disaster Management Dist. Science Center2nd Place
Health, nutrition, CleanlinessDist. Science Center
Resource Management Solar CarDist. Science Center2nd Place
Food Safety and agricultureDist. Science Center2nd Place
IndustriesDist. Science Center1st Place
Math Exhibition
Math for Quantity LifeDist. Science Center2nd Place
8District Level Math & Science ExhibitionDist. Science Center1st Place[Selected for state level]
9State Level Math & Science ExhibitionChikmanglurParticipatory Certificate
1032nd Anniversary of District Science Center DrawingDist. Science Center1st Place
11Innovative Science ExhibitionDist. Science CenterConsolation Prize
12Drawing Competition Global WarmingDist. Science Center1st & 2nd Place
13Vivekananda Jayanthi Drawing CompetitionSRN Metha School1st,2nd,3rd Place
14Harnessing of lightDist. Science Center2nd & 3rd Place
15Ozone Day Elocution Dist. Science Center3rd Place
16Hiroshima Nagasaki Day Essay Competition Dist. Science Center1st Place
17Birth Anniversary of C V Raman RadioactivityDist. Science Center2nd Place
18MathsOlympaidsDist. Science CenterSpecial Prize
19Teachers SeminarDist. Science Center2nd Place
20PratibhaKaranji Cluster Level
Story tellingDist. Science Center1st Place
Fancy Dress CompetitionDist. Science Center2nd Place
SingingDist. Science Center1st Place
Essay CompetitionDist. Science Center1st Place
BharatnatyaDist. Science Center3rd Place
SpeechDist. Science Center3rd Place
RangoliDist. Science Center1st Place
Hindi KantapataDist. Science Center2nd Place
Pick & speakDist. Science Center2nd Place
21PratibhaKaranji Taluka Level Competition Cluster Level
Hindi KantapataDist. Science Center1st Place
Story tellingDist. Science Center1st Place
SingingDist. Science Center
Essay CompetitionDist. Science Center3st Place
Patriotic SongDist. Science Center
22Swami Vivekanada 153rd Jayanthi
Patriotic SongDist. Science Center3rd Place
Drawing Dist. Science Center3rd Place
Bhakti GeetDist. Science Center2nd Place
23Kannada SahityaSanghDist. Science Center2nd Place & 3rd Place

Hold the vision Trust the process.BREAK THROUGH SCIENCE SOCIETY had organized Science Model exhibition all participants got best Performa certificate & monuments which was held on 30/07/2016

Award for best Drama Secured 2nd Prize District Level,Held at SCIENCE Center.

Gliterring stars of SRN Mehta School participanted in the Taluka Level Science & Maths Exhibition held on 18/11/2016.


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