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» Our Infrastructure
» Class Rooms / Lecture Halls
» Laboratories
 » Physics Lab
 » Chemistry Lab
 » Biology Lab
 » Electronics Lab
 » Computer Lab
 » Commerce Lab
 » Library
 » Amphitheatre
 » Auditorium
 » Cafitaria
» Sports & Play Ground
» Bus Facility
» Beyond Boundries
» App Provision
» Security and Safety

Guidance Classes:
CET, NEET, JEE and CPT Guidance classes are arranged to students along with the regular classes to prepare themselves to face competitive exams. The experienced staff of the college helps aspiring students to reach their goals in competitive examinations.

Teacher-Guardian Scheme
Parent-Teacher meetings are held regularly to update the performance of the students. Parents are briefed about the activities conducted in the college to keep them well informed. It helps to bridge and increase harmony between the college and parents.

With the aim of enhancing students’ performance and aiding the slow learners, remedial and special coaching classes are organised.

Training Programmes:
In addition to the regular academic programmes, the college provides additional training in other fields.

Career Counselling
Experts from various fields like IT, engineering industry, doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants, fashion designers, dancers, musicians, media persons etc are invited to give a talk to the students on their area of expertise.
The students particularly get experience as they are able to relate to their career and understand their motivations.

Soft Skills Training:
We provide special training sessions to help the students with developing critical areas like communication skills, presentation skills, interview skills, writing skills and so on.
This helps the students develop confidence and become better equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow.


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